Sunday, October 18, 2009

every wall is a door




This weekend is a boring one. Nothing special happened except for my jogging exercise this morning. And Oh I lost weight nga pala(konti lng naman). Every Sunday, I go to Mercury Drug Store to check my BMI and blood pressure. And I'm happy my diet works. Go check yours too! It's like an atm machine. Just drop a 5 peso coin and then you'll get the result. =)

While I was arranging things in my closet, I saw this dress and I totally forgot about this already. I grabbed my boyfriend and decided to have a photo shoot with this dress. We were looking for a beautiful background near my house but we can't find any. Then we found this dirty wall near the private pool resort. haha. I hope it's not that disturbing.


Ate Cheryl said...

Hello, Jing!

Actually okay na nga background,"old world" ang dating. ;) Cute ang imong dress and the silver turquoise bag. Pwede na as clutch pud?

Anyway, kumusta na ang ulan? I learned there's a typhoon na naman called Lupit. I hope it's not malupit in the real sense.

By the way, I think you can use a scarf during night time when wearing a sleeveless top or dress. Pwede pud sa daytime para ipandong sa ulo kung init kaayo. Just kidding! :)

Have a beautiful week ahead and I love your look. ;)

toxic disco boy said...

wow! ganda a teh. ^^ asa na nga pool? nindot lagi pa photoshoot diha.

Jing Ayuban said...

Ate che : thanks sa comments.:D
ang bag pwede himuon ug cluth te che. (shown sa previous post).

mike : pool dapit sa marymount yotch. :D

Ces said...

Hi Jing, first i thought that you have a silver tank separate from the dress. you look so cute in it. that belt works good with a lot of outfits. i think it is one of the "in" thing now. i see it in other blogs too. the background turned out to be nice.

Denise said...

i love this look, the shiny top and the cinch waist. So foxy lady! hihihi.

really you look so fab! It's like you're going to the Opera or somewhere chica! hahaah!

Clare said...

Love that belt!

agatiszka said...

Really nice sandals and bag!!

Mads said...

you look fab in this outfit Jing!=) girly na may pagka-edgy with the shiny tank..